These pages are here to continue the work of Joel Webb about an alternate explonation on the state of this universe of ours.
He called it first " Contracting Universe Hypothesis" and later "Grand Unification Hypothesis".
The registration of the domain expired somewhere at the end of 2006 and was acquired by some shady organization that had nothing to do with its original idea.
They just put it on auction and charged me 1000 $ for just the name. Then I just registered it and created these web pages.

First I will need some help from others who are interested in having these pages up again.
To be able to have this idea in wikipedia, they want references on some printed form. It is told on his pages that he has written a book on the matter, but have not been able to find one or reviews about it.
I just found an excellent resource for getting these old pages back alive. has most of them.
But any other info about Joel Webb is still vital.
I lost contact with him on summer 2008.

Now it seems like Joel is still active in the web, at least I found " The Nature of the Cosmos " If you can get any contact with Joel, please inform him that he can have this domain when ever he wants. All I need is email from an address where I can send it to him to.
I have never refused to return them back to him, on the contrary, I am willing to do anything that I can to help him.
So if you can help, please email us at webb (at) (you know why I didn't write the actual email address) so we can get things started. Thank you.